A few usefull python scripts, patches, and so on.

pyDNS CHAOS query patch

Patch that adds CHAOS query class capabilities to pyDNS version 2.3.1 .

link: Base.py.patch
FTP upload using HTTP PUT on a proxy

This is a very quick example on how to upload a file to a ftp server
using a squid proxy. This probably works in other HTTP proxies, but i
haven't tried out.

link: http_put.py

Post file using application/x-www-form-urlencoded content type.

link: http_post.py
Usenet Automated Faq Poster

A very old script to automatically post faq's on usenet groups.

link: usenetposter.py
Compare Folders

The idea of this script is to compare the content of two recovered folders.
Extremely usefull when your main storage went bezerk and you can only recover
an incomplete set of your +1 million files.

link: compare_folders.py
Sync Folders

Similar to previous script but in this case we try to syncronize two folders
without deleting any files on them. Main idea is to copy from one source to
another if necessary.

link: sync_folders.py
DBX Reader

This class (OE) reads an .dbx file from Outlook Express 5|6 and builds a simple
structure with messsage positions.
Many many thanks to Holden Web LLC for their "dbxread.py" work.

link: dbx.py

This is a very simple script, but i use it so often that i just keep it here for my own reference.

link: replace.py
Low Level Broadcast System

A raw broadcast system for low level hackers.
We just send a message to all ip addresses within a specific network range, using icmp echo packs.

link: low-level-broadcast-system.py
Quick Mail User Agent

Quick mail user agent implementation, usefull for unknown/unconfigured environments where we
need to send messages or files from.

link: quick_mua.py
Nokia to BlackBerry Contacts Transfer

Transfer contacts from a Nokia 6101 to a BlackBerry Bold 9000.
To export i've used Nokia PC Suite version and to
import BlackBerry Desktop Manager version .

link: nokia2blackberry.py

Feel free to use them. :-)


You can reach me at nbk@cyberdude.com.